Smallgoods Premixes

Shop online at Huon Distributors for a great range of award-winning smallgoods premixes. These products take the mystery out of producing such great-tasting products as Cabana, Frankfurts and Strassburg.

Australians love their smallgoods. Delicacies based on traditional favourites from all over the world are widely consumed here. Perhaps surprisingly, many of these products are relativley straightforward to make, given a little practice, and the right ingredients! We offer a range of products to assist those wanting to create their favourite recipe from scratch, as well as a range of premixes which take a lot of the guesswork out of the process. Using these products, along with good quality meat, some really outstanding results can be achieved. In fact, there is no reason why the amateur enthusiast cannot make a product that is actually better than what is readily available in your local supermarket.
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