Huon Distributors is a major supplier of requirements for the Australian meat and catering industries, having a particular focus in Victoria and New South Wales. We had our beginning in 1985 when our founders, Garry and Marlene Wolter, began trading as wholesalers of plastic packaging materials to food industry retailers on a modest scale. By providing reliable and honest service, and by gradually expanding geographic territory, the business soon grew and prospered. Huon Distributors was first registered as a Company in 1987, and by the early 1990's had several employees, including both sons of Garry and Marlene, Nathan and Adrian Wolter.

As time passed, our reputation in the industry began to attract approaches from various manufacturers and importers who were seeking a capable and loyal partner to distribute their goods. This lead to a heavier involvement in marketing and distributing products for the meat industry and the further growth of the business. By 1998, Huon Distributors had successively outgrown six different warehouses, and had further expanded its distribution area.

In 2010, Huon Distributors became the sole agent for Nippi Collagen Casings in Oceania. Consequently, we now distribute quality Nippi products across Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. In 2013, we added our popular Online Shop to our website, enabling efficient delivery to all of our Australian customers.

In 2015, Huon Distributors moved to its present warehouse facility, which is located in the border city of Albury-Wodonga, conveniently on the transport corridor which runs between Australias' largest cities of Sydney and Melbourne. The company still distributes packaging materials, but the primary focus has for many years now shifted to the supply of ingredients and manufacturing aids to the meat industry.

Today, Huon Distributors has over seventy suppliers, many of whom have seen fit to grant us 'sole distributorship' status for their goods in our region. Through our years of experience, we are proud to say that we have developed many friendships and affiliations with other companies in the meat industry across Australia.