Natural Casings

Shop online at Huon Distributors for the best prices on a range of natural-gut sausage casings and bungs. We stock casings suitable for making sausages, salami and other smallgoods products.

As the name suggests, natural gut casings are derived from the digestive systems of animals such as sheep, pigs and beef cattle.They are cleaned, processed and graded, before being packed in salt or a saline solution in order to preserve them. All natural casings should be soaked in cold water and have the salt flushed out of them prior to filling. Although they can withstand higher temperatures for short periods, if you wish to store them for long periods you should re-salt any unused casings and either refrigerate them in a sealed container or freeze them. 

When purchasing natural gut casings, take care to observe the grading (filled diameter), and the pack quantity of each product. Filled diameters are usually expressed in millimetres, whilst pack quantities are shown in either lineal metres or units. We also provide a likely 'fill rate' for each product. The fill rate should be used as a guide only, as natural gut casings can have some variation in thickness.