Huon, Victorinox and F. Dick Steels

Shop online at Huon Distributors for great prices on our range of quality sharpening steels, including well known brands such as Fischer, F.Dick, Victorinox and the economy 'Huon' Range.

Steels are an integral part of the process in keeping a sharp edge on a knife, however, the actual job that a steel performs is misunderstood by some. A steel alone cannot sharpen a blade that has been dulled by continued use. That task must be achieved by some kind of grinding process which actually removes metal. (See our Sharpening Equipment Section). A steel is simply designed to align and straighten the fine edge on a blade, thus keeping it razor sharp for longer. It is meant to be used at regular interval between cuts in order to achieve this. The one exception in our range are the 'Diamond steels', which are dual purpose steels in that they are also designed to sharpen by removing metal.

Our steels are available in a variety of shapes, grades and brands. Industry professionals generally consider the Fischer, F. Dick or Victorinox brand steels to be amongst the best money can buy, but our cheaper steels will still perform the required task quite adequately.