Bio-Start Sprint (Salami Starter Culture) 25g

Price: $22.90

Bio-start Sprint is a starter culture for use when making dry-ripened salami.

It introduces beneficial active micro-organisms to the product which have the effect of speeding up the ripening process dramatically.This product also assists with pH regulation and colour development, as well as improving the flavour with the familiar 'tang' that we all expect from good salami. One sachet of this product will be enough to make up to 50kg of finished product. It can withstand ambient temperatures for short periods (ie. during transit), but should be stored frozen or refrigerated. Disguard any un-used product after opening.

Please note that great care must be taken when making dry-ripened salami. Results can vary significantly due to a number of factors including ingredients, method, cleanliness, meat source and drying conditions. As such, Huon Distributors will not be held responsible for the outcome. The only way to guarantee a safe salami product is to destroy any existing pathogens by cooking to an internal temperature of 70 Degrees Celsius.