Eurobind (Protein Active Meat Binder) 1Kg

Price: $159.00

'Eurobind' is a brand of transglutimase meat binder, sometimes known in the trade as 'meat glue'. It is sold in an economical 1Kg pack suitable for use in large commercial kitchens, restaurants and butcheries.

This product is a white powder which can be used to bind various whole meat muscle products together in order to form single pieces, which can then be sliced or portioned as desired. It is particularly useful in creating meat products to a desired size that look good and cook evenly. It is particularly useful for creating a more saleable cut of fillet steak using two tail ends of the muscle, binding chicken breast fillets together for a sliceable roulade, or even for binding together meats of different types to produce imaginative chef creations!

Whilst perfectly safe for human consumption, like many food additives it does need to be handled carefully in it's powder form. Inhalation and eye/skin contact with the powder should be avoided in order to prevent the possibility of allergic reactions or skin irritations. It is therefore advisable to wear latex gloves and a face mask when applying the product. Do not directly taste the product, as the same active enzyme which acts as a meat glue will irritate the skin. Please see the technical specifications from the importer/manufacturer below for more information.