Texan Chilli Sausage Premix 1Kg

Price: $10.90

Method for Texan Chilli Sausages


9 Kg Meat (Beef and/or Pork with @ 20% Fat Content)
1 Kg Texan Chilli Premix
2 Kg Iced Water

Makes a 12 Kg Finished Block

(For smaller batches, use above ingredients in the same ratio).

Note: Any other type of meat may be used in desired proportions, including lamb, venison, etc. Just make sure there is @ 20% fat content overall. 


1. Mince fresh meat through a coarse mincer plate.
2. Make a slurry of the premix and the water. Mix this slurry thoroughly with the minced meat.
3. Mince again (through a finer plate if desired).
4. Fill into collagen or natural sausage casings in the preferred caliber, and twist-link into sausages.
5. Refrigerate as soon as possible. Allow sausages to 'set' overnight before cooking or freezing.