Vienna Frankfurt Premix 2.7Kg

Price: $34.00

This premix is designed for making 'Vienna' style frankfurts, which have a slightly smokier and stronger flavour than our normal frankfurt/saveloy premix.

Method For Vienna Frankfurts


2.7Kg Vienna Frankfurt Premix
45Kg Meat (50% Lean Beef / 50% Pork)
7Kg Iced Water

(For smaller batches, simply use ingredients in the same ratios as shown above).


1. Mince meat through a coarse mincer plate.
2. Add Vienna Frankfurt Premix and mix well.
3. Add Iced Water and continue mixing.
4. Mince again through a fine mincer plate.(Twice if a finer emulsion is required).
5. Mix again, then fill mixture into relevant casing (Use thin natural or collagen casings as preferred).
6. Using a smoke-oven set to smoke only (don't let it heat up too much), smoke the franfkurts for 20 to 30 minutes. This process is known as 'cold smoking'.
7. Place the smoked frankfurts in a cooking vessel, cover with water and cook to an internal temperature of @ 65 Degrees Celsius. DO NOT BOIL! Ensure that the temperature of the water bath does not exceed 70 Degrees, as this can lead to fat separation and split casings. If required, add food dye to the water to enhance the colour of the frankfurts. Light orange is the recommended colour for Vienna Frankfurts.
8. Remove finished product from the water bath, rinse with cold water and chill to < 4 Degrees Celsius. Pack as required.
9. Enjoy!